Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FLICKR finds: roof...what makes it Thai?

1. thai building, 2. Thai Building, 3. thai building, 4. Thai Building, Chiang Mai, 5. Thai Building, 6. 4-73 BK_ thai building, 7. Traditional Thai-Style Building, 8. Local Thai Hotel...built on the river, 9. Nonthaburi - Thai House 1, 10. Suan Pakkad Palace museum - main building, 11. Thai house, 12. Traditional Thai Architecture, 13. Thai Style Architecture, 14. Ban Thai resort, 15. Uthani Thai River Lake Resort

What makes a roof look "Thai?"

-Color! (preferably brown)
-the roof's plastic sheet-like-nature--a large expanse coming down to meet the ground
-multi-level, with changes in slope
-eave props
-large overhangs

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David Gould said...

Some roofs on prestige buildings (temples, palaces etc)were traditionally multi-coloured, using mainly brown, green and orange tiles. Now there is a growing fondness for blue roofs.

And there used to be strict rules about the numbers of roof layers allowed for different buildings,to ensure that multi-layered roofs were reserved for the important buildings as a status symbol.