Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FLICKR finds: school typology

1. Thai classroom, 2. Thai classroom, 3. thai classroom, 4. view from Thai classroom, 5. Gap's Thai Cooking School, Chiang Mai, 6. The Classroom, 7. The kitchen/classroom, 8. Thai Farm Cooking School, 9. CMIS thai building & library, 10. Fine Day, 11. The Rise of Chubbiness in Thailand, 12. Thai Schoolgirls Hanging Out Between Classes, 13. Sent to the Hallway...As a Teacher?!, 14. Ban Tateang Primary School, 15. What's that!!, 16. Look like a band, 17. Old Thai building, 18. Arts Building in the evening 1, 19. Big important Thai building, 20. Thailand: AIT Campus, 21. Thailand: AIT Campus, 22. IMG_0911, 23. Photographic Science and Material Science Building, 24. Chulanarumitr, 25. mobile Device

Some themes to keep in mind:

-Two levels of windows in classroom promotes air circulation

-blurring between indoor & outdoor space. In some cases, just a tarp over simple frame creates a comfortable outdoor classroom...especially when there are trees around. Paving makes a big difference in the feeling of the space as well.

-The use of outdoor hallways to create a buffer between classroom and more public space. Also gives a sense of entrance, a place to leave shoes, etc.

-Open walls under the eaves allow for air flow. Sun screening, layered walls also common.

-Possibility of sitting on the floor?

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