Sunday, November 23, 2008

images from a bike ride on campus...

There are a lot of trees on campus (Mahidol University, Salaya) making pictures of the buildings a little challenging to acquire. These are pictures from a bike ride this evening...just some buildings that have caught my eye. This campus was founded in 1990 or so, and there have been many buildings that have gone up recently as well. The above is a good example of vertical concrete sun-shading that you see on a lot of buildings here. Below is a brand-new building with a faux-brick base, and an open ground story. (I showed another portion of it here.)
I really like the look of exterior tiles as cladding, but am not sure about their durability. I've seen them on a lot of older facades from the 60's here...and they weather really well. These were cemented on, and clearly have issues...Some more tiles from the dorms that look a little better...(red & grey)
Those are also tiles up above (white,) and still look fantastic. I think this was one of the original buildings.More tan tiles, again with problems. (sad...they are so pretty.) It looks like they hold up better nearer to the ground...perhaps because of rain & wind on the top storys?

A building under construction next to the new music looks like another music building. Interesting materials...a couple of different kinds of wood. These window "flaps" are on the Eastern side of North-facing windows. The stairs make me nervous every time I pass this building.These are South-East facing windows on a Southern exposure...the balconies are really interesting.
Speaking of roofs...

And here is the recently-completed concrete mega-structure known as the music school.
This is a nice moment where the different materials & levels come together @ the turn of a ramp. Tiles again.some punched openings...and I'm facinated by the grass...and I'm not sure if the zigzag is supposed to be a reference to happens in a few other places on the building.
We came upon this concert...another mono-pitch roof!nextdoor is this...I suppose you could point to it as an example of how wood weathers, but I should talk to someone about what the upkeep of it is.

concrete sunshading...
this is the temporary cafeteria made up in the former basketball courts. It's actually 100x nicer than the old cafeteria.
"skylights" from translucent roof panels.

These fans blow cold air out from little tubes affixed to the front of the fan...nice.And there you have it! Thanks for joining me. :)

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