Friday, November 21, 2008

monopitch sketchups

The slopes are noted in the drawings....the 1:10 creates some lofty ceilings, and may not be conducive to multiple activities happening in the same space noise-wise, if the mezzanine is left open. Using a tiered roof (below) helps define the spaces below better. I'm not sure about cleaning the clerestories...but it seems that most Thais wouldn't be too daunted by getting up on the roof.
This 1:4 pitch allows similar definition of space, but with a single roof.
The 1:2.4 pitch similarly defines the space, and gives more headroom in the mezzanine without the ceiling elsewhere becoming too high. It may give too much sun-exposure on the high side.
I like the dynamic look of this one, and how it uses the roof to create interest. It also allows the steep roof to sit further down on the structure.


David Gould said...

Thanks so much Valerie- I think you've just invented something- the 3 stage monopitch has a clear Thai reference, and will provide good (maybe enhanced) cross-ventilation with good scope for a range of different spaces underneath- I'm thinking of teaching spaces with breakout spaces on the mezzanine, and also other spaces for impromptu meetings/ conversations/ chilling out. Do you want to test this out further- giving sizes to the spaces, and looking at circulation routes- up/down and along.

Valerie said...

sounds good...will do.