Monday, November 10, 2008

a nice house

I came across this beautiful house by LPA Architects on Inhabitat the other day, and thought it was a nice example of the idea of a light/airy top level on a solid concrete base.


David Gould said...

Very nice! and I like the pool- rightly handled this can be a great help in reducing air temperature around the building- of course you need fish to eat the mosquito larvae.
The white paint to the base looks good- for a time- but with rain stains etc I think we should look at a dark plinth, with a light color above- are there Thai precedents for this kind of split in the ground storey?

MMY said...

Dear Valerie,
I love to read your Thinking Thai blog as well, you know?, where you can find the Thai house that have high ventilation..all the very old houses, like our house in Songkhla and Na Jim's father in-law's house, next time when you go there just ask them to take pictures, they would be very happy to show you. Love, your one and only mom ;)