Thursday, October 2, 2008

EMI Village Church Prototype Design, Chiang Mai

From the Engineering Ministries International website:

Project Update

The first church using the eMi design has been constructed! This church is located on the Pastor’s Training Center and will be used by Chiang Mai New Testament Church. Thailand Ambassadors of Christ also is planning a training conference for the fall that will use the new facility. Pastor’s coming to the conference will receive bible training as well as be able to see a church similar to what might be built in their own village.

Project Scope
Thailand Ambassadors For Christ has been reaching out to the hill tribe people of the Himalayas for over 30 years under its director Luke Bee. They would like to develop a prototypical village church design much like what eMi has done with our India Village Church Project. They have funding through another partnering organization, provided we can produce a design that can be built for about $5000.

This eMi team will address a church design immediately on their existing property in Chiang Mai where they already have begun foundations. However, the actual village churches will be in a variety of terrains and the team will visit numerous villages to study the various constraints, requirements, and possibilities of site development.

The team will do a feasibility study to determine the best type of building, construction plans for the building, materials lists and quantities, and a detailed plan for how to construct it.

Another outreach that they have begun is likely to become a future eMi project: Larger church/orphanage buildings in larger cities that can accommodate up to 40 orphans and a congregation of up to 150 people. Having already established its first church/orphanage in a new building built in 2003 in Chiang Mai that can house up to 80 girls, it is likely that our team will assess this and begin preliminary investigation for it as well.

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