Tuesday, October 21, 2008

External wall screens

This 'cool' project in Alabama has got me thinking about different types of screen around covered spaces- particularly mobile screens that can be used to change the degree of privacy, as well as reducing sunlight, wind and rain. Curtains/drapes? and/or sliding screens, and/or rotating slats? Roll up blinds, fold out awnings etc.

This is the Jim Thomson office building in BKK with some attractive sliding screens etc

This is in N BKK, near Don Meuang- fixed screens that soften the light and provide some security.

This is part of a rich Thai tradition- here's a louvred screen in a house near the river in BKK- maximum ventilation with total privacy.

I like the way these awnings soften the light. Can we find other examples
including screens or drapes that have a decorative/symbolic function?


RNTV1 said...
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Valerie said...

So, is it temperature 'cool' or style 'cool?' There's a ton of this stuff (around Thailand & internationally) I'll do some digging. :)

David Gould said...

This was a quote from the Rural Studio link to one of their projects in AL- probably pretty cool- huh?