Friday, October 24, 2008

School images from around campus

This building has a deep planter along the windows on every floor...with the most gorgeous pink flowers cascading down.
Can you see what is wrong in this picture?
Some sun-shading and an open first floor (with multiple small elevation changes to keep things interesting...there's also a ramp on the side.)
Some small privacy/sun screens on the dorms


David Gould said...

I can't quite figure this out- looks like the elevation is peeling off the face of the building??
The 3rd view looks interesting- could you take some more shots of this- it's also hard to read.
Plants at each floor can work very well- Singapore is doing a lot of this- tho watering is a major issue- with the need for piped irrigation.

Valerie said...

the light-pole is going through the roof...not sure which came first.