Thursday, October 23, 2008

Green screens

Thanks for the brise soleil images. Here's part
of the new apartment building I did in Singapore-
a green wall to keep out some of the sun and
provide some privacy, dappled light inside etc.

It would be good to research plant types for
something like this at CTS. One major difference
is the variation in rainfall in Thailand- any green
wall would need watering- maybe groundwater,
using simple solar-powered pumps? Another
problem is keeping the plants under control- ours
have reached the roof eaves and need constant trimming!


Valerie said...

really neat, David! Are those miniblinds behind? I've never seen them in outdoor applications.

Valerie said...

ps, I was with some OMFers yesterday, and they were really happy with the new building...the TV room got a big thumbs up. :)

David Gould said...

Yes, you can get outdoor quality venetian blinds in SG (that's what we call them in UK anyway). Some people keep them at half mast, so they can look out lower down through the greenery. Of course they can be untidy- Mies on his NY Seagram building went to a lot of trouble to ensure the blinds could only be open, closed or half open.