Sunday, October 19, 2008

roof images

I was out on the elevated highways yesterday, the perfect height for observing the tops of buildings---and snapped some quick photos of roofs. Here are a bunch of multi-level roofs which seem to help with making it look less like a warehouse. (although it doesn't look like any of them are actually using the architecture for ventilation, sadly.) The pitch seems pretty steep. Another thing I've seen a lot, and I'm not sure what the actual construction is, is where the shingles/roofing sheets are bounded by a concrete ledge at the ridge and intersections that gives it a more finished look---and also a ton of added weight, I'm sure. The example below isn't the best, but you can kind of see what I am talking about at the far left hand corner of the green roof.We passed this temple under construction, which I thought was so interesting:

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David Gould said...

The concrete Thai temple is interesting in that it follows the traditional timber multiple-layered beam structural system- very uneconomic both in concrete and timber, but presumably it 'looks right'.
Yes, you see these vaguely Thai roofs all over TH, but I've never seen one that is shaped to encourage natural ventilation.