Thursday, October 23, 2008

high-profile metal brise soleil / scrim examples...

San Francisco Federal Building
New York Times Building
Seattle Art Museum
Santa Monica Civic Center Parking
Caltrans District 7 Headquarters
Palácio Gustavo Capanema
8 woningen Kettingstraat
DeYoung Museum
166 Perry Street

Other Materials:
Agbar Tower, Barcelona (glass)
WEA Trust Office Building (fabric)

Now for some concrete (mostly mid century stuff) & living vegetation examples...I just have to walk across the street for those!


David Gould said...

I like the fabric screens at the WEA Trust building- could work well to screen out low-sun, especially in the late afternoons, while not impeding long views out and cross-ventilation. The screens could also be screen printed as banners!

Valerie said...

that would tie in really well with the way 'posters' are being used on buildings here images of the king across the top 20 floors of a skyscraper. This material is REALLY common. (and hopefully, therefore, cheap and easily replaced!) The thing that worries me a lot about weathering here is black mold and how it ends up covering so much.

David Gould said...

Yes, mould is a very real problem- another thing to study! Funny you never see it shown on architect's presentation drawings- nor graffiti.